Welcome to Social Care TV, the UK's first ACCREDITED e-learning provider for health and social care providers of all types.

Our e-learning courses are easy to use and interesting. High quality audio-visual e-learning, fairly priced and always available to help your colleagues learn and put that learning into practice. Good for people who use your services, good for your business and good for Inspection - why consider anything else.

All courses include FREE certification!

How it works

Someone in your organisation creates an account, from which you issue staff with user names and passwords to access the courses you want them to learn from.

They can stop, save and come back to the
course at anytime. Also, the account holder can check, at anytime, how a particular staff member is progressing. 

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The Courses

Social-Care.tv courses are complete courses, not short versions of them. This means that using social-care.tv for your training is as good as having a highly experienced trainer in the room (in many ways, better). Moreover, with the benefits of being there when you want it and, vitally importantly, without the cost.

With social-care.tv, why train any other way?

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