Care Worker of the Month – October 2023


The last Friday of the month is here already! Which can mean only one thing here at SCTV HQ! It is time to announce our Care Worker of the Month Award winner. We are very happy to announce that our winner for October is Noreen Khaliq – Carer at S & S Homecare Ltd in South Yorkshire. Noreen was nominated by Office Manager, Joshua Etherington.

Please find Joshua’s story below:

“My name is Joshua Etherington and I would like to nominate Noreen Khaliq as carer of the month. Noreen has been with our company for 25 years and is loved by all clients and their families.

Just last month a client was found unresponsive in their bed, and Noreen rushed to the client and started CPR whilst waiting for the ambulance crews to arrive. This just shows how dedicated Noreen is to her clients. The family were so impressed with Noreen’s efforts to save their son’s life, they bought her a bouquet of flowers.

Noreen’s career is full of amazing achievements such as this – furthermore, she trains all of our new staff members, teaching them everything she has learnt from her years of experience.”

Many Congratulations Noreen. 25 years of caring for others is inspirational, and we thank you for your dedication, for making such a difference to the lives of countless others and for all you do.

Do you know our November winner?

If so, please email with your name, contact details, name of the person you are nominating and the reasons why this inspirational person should be our next winner.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend one and all!

#CWOTM - Thanking Care Workers Across the UK