Care Worker of the Month – December 2022


Today, we are very excited to announce our final Care Worker of the Month award winner for 2022! Our winner for December is Anna Shyshenko – a Carer nominated by her manager Martine, from Lougher Home Care.

Anna’s story is truly inspiring and we are thrilled to recognise her incredible effort and dedication. Please find Martine’s nomination below:

“We would like to nominate Anna Shyshenko. Anna fled the Ukraine in search of a better life for her family during the current conflict with Russia. Anna approached us looking for work with a very limited English vocabulary, but a willingness to learn and help others with her natural, compassionate skills. We have worked over the months to support Anna with her language, integrate her into our working community and develop her existing skills in caring which have been helped along by Social Care TV's courses.

Anna is now thriving and gaining confidence working with other team members and overcoming many barriers along the way. Anna deserves the award for her dedication to learning, doing her very best at all times and bringing diversity to our team with her culture, resilience and desire to help others. We are incredibly proud of her person-centred care delivery and passion to make a better life for her family within our caring community.’’

Many congratulations Anna. We are so happy for you to have won this award. We wish you strength and happiness for the year ahead.

If YOU know our first Care Worker of the Month for 2023, please do email us at

And if you entered in 2022 but did not win, please feel free to enter again in 2023 as many times as you wish.

Have a wonderful weekend and a very Merry Christmas!

The Social Care TV Team
#CWOTM - Thanking Care Workers Across the UK