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We offer affordable, flexible pricing options for individuals and employers.

Individual course credits

Courses through are bought as credits. One credit is one course for one person, once. There are no time limits as to how quickly (or slowly) you use up the credits that you buy, the more credits you buy, the bigger the discount!

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1-9 credits.

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Monthly payments now available

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Induction packs and special offers

Our induction packs and special offer bundles have separate pricing. Please see the course details for discounted rates.

How it works

SCTV is a low cost way to deliver mandatory and non-mandatory health and social care training, 24/7. You can get started today in four simple steps.

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Credits are what you "cash in" to use courses. Buy as few or as many credits as you need depending on your organisation's needs. The more credits you buy, the bigger the discount.

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Enrol trainees

Add trainees and enrol them on courses through your online account. Each course enrolment costs one credit.

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