Care Worker of the Month – September 2023


It is the last Friday of the month which can mean only one thing here at SCTV HQ! It is time to announce our Care Worker of the Month Award winner. We are delighted to announce that our winner for September is Angela Owusu-Ansah – Senior Carer at Explora Haven Training and Support Services Ltd.

Angela was nominated by Care Review Officer, Carol Magbanua. Please find Carol’s story below:

“The reasons why I nominate Angela as one of our hardworking and loyal carers:

  • Angela has a passion in care, she is diligent to attend to her rota in consistent manners. She lives outside London, but always starts her visits before 7am and complete her shift at 6pm, Monday to Friday in city of London area. She also knows how to take days off, and booked her holiday once a year, to have a balance personal life.
  • Angela is loyal to our company, adheres to the policy and she diligently attends all her in house/online training, CPD, and meet all the CSW requirement in a regular basis. She practices the role of carer appropriately and support all her service user with highest quality of person-centred care. Some of her client is still under her care for almost 8 years, and they are very happy for the service until now.
  • According to the service user Angela is like a guardian angel to them, especially to the loner client, they said, that they're well cared and happy not only because of excellent and consistent care, but they felt love and safe.
  • Angela, experiencing aches and pain due to climbing, walking, running up and down in Barbican building (visiting clients), but knows when to stop working, and when to carry on. She has qualities of caring, professionalism, passion and great integrity.

I hope, we can acknowledge her great effort, not only from our company, but from other social care partners.”

Many Congratulations Angela. You are truly inspirational, and we thank you for your dedication, for making such a difference to the lives of countless others and for all you do.

Do you know our October winner?

If so, please email with your name, contact details, name of the person you are nominating and the reasons why this inspirational person should be our next winner.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend one and all!