The Impact of Recognition


Recognition in the workplace is important in any sector and is something we have always championed at SCTV. Employees who feel appreciated are happier people. And, ultimately, isn’t that what matters most?

But what about those we work with? In our role as online training provider to the health and social care sector, we speak to those involved in the sector on a daily basis. Care home managers, care group directors, care agency managers and care workers themselves to name just a few.

There is growing public awareness that care workers face issues such as low pay, poor terms and limited progression for career development.

But, despite all this and more, we have spent many years hearing overwhelming stories of kindness, selflessness and sacrifice from those ‘on the front line’.

In 2022, we decided we needed to do more. After much office discussion, our Care Worker of the Month award was born. A monthly award to provide recognition and reward for those most deserving. To say that we receive countless entries every month is an understatement. The hardest part for us is choosing a winner amongst a sea of heartwarming entries.

We have awarded 13 winners to date and intend to continue doing so monthly forever. After all – the stories will never stop.

All previous winners can be viewed at: News and views - Care Worker of the Month

But what difference has winning made to those that have won? How have they felt since receiving their award? How has this impacted them as a person and as a care worker?

Interested to understand the impact of recognition in the care sector, we contacted some of our previous winners.

Liza Deardon was our winner in September 2022. Here is what Liza said:

‘I was stunned to receive Care Worker of the Month, I already count myself as very lucky to be in a job I love, it was just so nice to hear what people think of you. I'm a person that shies away from compliments, it's easy to forget about yourself in this job, it made me stop & think what I actually do & it's something to be very proud of.’

Gillian Ross won in June 2022 and said the following:

‘I still can't believe I won your carer of the month, the training vouchers have been a great help, as much as I love my job the happy times and a lot of sad ones too this award gave me a boost, and reading my nominations from family shows I am meeting my clients’ needs and that's what it's all about. I have meet a lot of lovely people on this journey. I think dedication has to be the key point in this area of work, it certainly isn't the pay, being the main reason this sector is so short of staff .’

Helen Jamieson was our Care Worker of the Month in October 2022. Below is a comment from her colleague, Sarah Cook, who nominated her.

‘Helen was really happy, she bought herself a lovely new coat with her voucher. A support worker winning Care Worker of the Month at Elm Court was a lovely bonus for everyone as it showed hard work and dedication being recognised especially after the last two years have been so difficult in the care sector. Everyone was really pleased for Helen and she deserved to be rewarded for everything she has done and everything she continues to do.’

Jackie Trevor won in November 2022. Below is a message from her Manager – Neil Bastow – who also nominated her.

‘Jackie’s self worth was very obvious in receiving the award. Like practically every support worker in the care industry, they feel forgotten by the mainstream as it is not considered a worthwhile career. But if we didn’t have people like Jackie, who commit themselves to caring for disabled people where would we be?

Jackie remains a fantastic bonus to Cartrefi and the service user she works with, the Award and cash prize was very well and humbly received. Jackie felt that receiving the award was on behalf of all the team here and others in the sector.’

And to finish, a wonderful quote from Caroline Williams – our winner for February 2023:

‘Loving your job is one thing, but actually winning an award and receiving recognition for doing the job you love lifted my spirits to a whole new level.’

Do you know someone that works in Care and deserves to win our next monthly award?

If so, simply email your nomination to with ‘Care Worker of the Month’ as the subject. Please include your name and contact info, name of nominee and your reasons as to why this special person should be Care Worker of the Month.