The Coronation of King Charles III


On Saturday 6th May, the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Consort, Camilla, will take place at Westminster Abbey.

The Service will be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury and will look to the future role of the Monarch as well as being steeped in tradition and pageantry.

For most, this will be the first Coronation they have witnessed during their lifetime, and will be a day they remember forever.

As we come together to celebrate this very special occasion, a collective sense of pride and excitement is starting to sweep across the country.

King Charles III has seamlessly taken the reins during the most difficult of times following the sad passing of his Mother, our dear Queen Elizabeth II and his Father, Prince Philip, who also sadly passed away in April 2021.

Most of us have grown up with King Charles a fixture in our lives and woven into the very tapestry of this country. In the 1970s he served in the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy. Since then, we have watched his long and steady service as Prince throughout the years as he carried out official duties and established charities that have helped thousands, including The Prince's Trust and the Prince of Wales's Charitable Fund.

In total, he is president of 19 charitable trusts known as ‘The Prince’s Charities’ which raise over £100 million each year for their respective causes and has been patron of more than 400 charitable organisations.

He has consistently dedicated much of his time to environmental causes, organic farming and addressing climate change and has received numerous awards from organisations around the world in these fields.

As we look back on just some of King Charles’ incredible achievements, we also look forward to the monumentous and historic Coronation weekend.

Millions across the country are planning Coronation events and parties, including numerous SCTV customers!

We spoke to some of our customers regarding their plans.

Dawn Komlos, Activities and Family Liaison Officer, from Castletroy Residential Home in Luton told us that they have a big party arranged on Monday 8th May, with residents and families invited to join the celebrations. There will be a buffet for all to enjoy, a singer and Dawn is also planning a special surprise.

This sounds like an incredible day Dawn! We are sure your residents will have a wonderful time!

Caroline Williams – Activities Manager from Westlands Care Home in Hampshire told us that they are celebrating the Coronation on Bank Holiday Monday 8th May as their residents want to watch the whole affair on the television on the Saturday. She told us that they will, however, be having cream tea in the afternoon.

Caroline went on to say:

“As Monday 8th is also V.E day we are having a double whammy celebration. The whole home is adorned with Union Jack bunting and paperchains, life size cut outs of King Charles in both lounges and in reception. We will be wearing red, white and blue garlands made by our Arts & Crafts crew, waving flags and wearing straw boaters which have a Union Jack ribbon running around the hat. Our entertainer is a professional singer targeting music from the 1940's, so we will have singing and dancing aplenty all afternoon.

“Afternoon tea will be traditional, consisting of cheese and cucumber sandwiches, ham and mustard, and egg and cress. There will also be scones served with jam and cream as well as cakes and pastries. Friends and families are also welcome to enjoy the fun.”

This sounds delicious and incredible fun Caroline! We wish you and your residents a celebratory and joy-filled weekend.

Hundreds of thousands of those receiving care in this country have grown up and lived most their lives so far with King Charles as a fixture in their world. As he now officially transitions to Monarch, we wish him only the greatest success.

We look forward to hearing more Coronation stories and seeing photos and videos of the fun events taking place across the country!