Terms and conditions

  1. These terms and conditions relate to all matters pertaining to access and use of the www.social-care.tv website, resources and related materials, hereinafter known as “SCTV”, “Us”, “We”
  2. Any person or organisation accessing or using SCTV by way of being an account holder is hereinafter known as “The customer”, “you” and that they are authorised to act in this way for themselves or the organisation they represent.
  3. Any person or organisation accessing or using SCTV by way of using training materials or resources is hereinafter known as “The user”.
  4. Accepting these Terms and conditions constitutes the contract between SCTV and you.
  5. Any person accessing an account or making payment on behalf of an organisation confirms that they are authorised to do so to the extent that the organisation is liable for any breach of these Terms and Conditions.
  6. In any matter of dispute, it is agreed that Mulberry House Limited is the final arbiter.
  7. All resources and materials made available through the access or use of SCTV are the property of Mulberry House SCV Limited through which worldwide rights are owned and reserved.
  8. The Customer agrees not to breach the rights, in any way, relating to the resources made available by and through SCTV.
  9. You acknowledge and agree that copyright and all other intellectual property rights in the goods, documents and materials associated with the goods shall remain vested in us and you will not acquire any title copyright or other proprietary rights in such goods documentation, materials or other.
  10. The customer understands that all material presented by Mulberry House SCTV is done so in good faith and is intended to promote best known practice. The customer is responsible for ensuring that users are suitably able, supported, supervised or similar as deemed appropriate by the customer. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions in any way.
  11. No video, audio or other materials made available on or through SCTV may be downloaded, copied, saved, duplicated, stored, archived, held and or used in any way other than as intended directly for and by SCTV. To do so is a breach of copyright, for which action will be taken.
  12. Access to SCTV resources is only through appropriately paid for formats as intended by SCTV. To do otherwise, in any way, is an infringement of our rights.
  13. Use of SCTV training courses (Resources) is by having purchased, in advance, credits or at the discretion of SCTV, accessed a free course by means of signing up for the free course enrolment, or by accessing the free sample course on the SCTV website.
  14. One individual credit/ Care Certificate Induction credit means authorised cleared payment for one individual (user) to use one training course/ Care Certificate training bundle, once only.
  15. Credit purchases can be in any quantity according to the customers individual requirements
  16. Payment must be made prior to the issuing of credits, which will be applied to the user account immediately upon receipt of funds
  17. SCTV offers the option to pay for credits over 6 or 12 equal instalments. This option is available for purchases of 500 credits or more only. Purchases of up to 1000 credits are payable over 6 instalments only. Purchases of over 1000 credits have the option of 6 or 12 interest free instalments. There are no fees or charges for using this option. Any banking charges applied by the customer’s bank are the responsibility of the customer.
  18. To use our monthly payment option, the customer agrees to implement a standing order to ensure payment is made on the 15th day of each month, as agreed at the point of purchase. Credits will be added to the nominated account once the first payment has been made. It is at the discretion of the customer as to whether they make the first payment on the date of purchase, or wait until the first standing order payment to receive their credits.
  19. Should SCTV not receive an instalment payment on the specified date (allowing for bank holidays), the nominated account will be frozen and access to trainee accounts restricted until the outstanding instalment payment is made. If this occurs on more than one occasion, the account will be frozen until the outstanding balance is paid in full.
  20. Accepting these Terms and Conditions means you accept that no refund, credit or similar for credit purchases will be made by on behalf of SCTV for any reason whatsoever, after payment has been authorised electronically or cleared if not paid electronically.
  21. You accept that SCTV is not liable for unauthorised access to, use of or loss of credits. The customer is wholly and entirely responsible for protecting access to and managing the use of their SCTV account.
  22. SCTV offers the option to pay by subscription. This option is available to organisations purchasing licenses for 50 users or more. Payment must be made prior to the issuing of licenses. There are no fees or charges for using this option. Any banking charges applied by the customers bank are the responsibility of the customer.
  23. Accepting these Terms and Conditions means you accept that no refund, credit or similar for subscription purchases will be made by on behalf of SCTV for any reason whatsoever, after payment has been authorised electronically or cleared if not paid electronically.
  24. You acknowledge that SCTV is an online provider of resources and that the customer is responsible for ensuring users are suitably able, supported, supervised or similar, as appropriate, by the customer to use online learning, including computer literacy issues. SCTV is in no way responsible for any matters arising from this point.
  25. The customer must organise and manage its own use of the resources provided by SCTV, including, for example, the expenditure of credits in the customer’s account or accounts.
  26. You accept that while you have an active account with SCTV and have opted in, SCTV may send unsolicited emails to email addresses contained within the account, so long as they pertain to relevant related activities as determined by SCTV.
  27. Personal information submitted to us will be governed by the terms of our privacy statement. Your personal data is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) until 25th May 2018 and from 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation 2016. Your personal data includes all the information we hold that identifies you or is about you. Your personal data will only be shared with third parties where the law either requires or allows us to do so.
  28. We reserve the right to make any changes in specification of the goods which are required to conform with any applicable safety or other statutory requirements or which do not materially affect their quality or performance.
  29. Certificates issued by SCTV are in accordance to the answers made by the user. SCTV provides no guarantee that the user understands the subject. This is a matter for the customer to assess and manage appropriately.
  30. Whilst we aim to provide a continuous on-line service, on occasion there will be downtime for routine updates and maintenance, for which, where possible, we will try to give advance warning.
  31. On rare occasions, there may be downtime that is unscheduled and beyond our control. Whilst we will take all reasonable steps to ensure access is restored as soon as possible, we are not liable for any unavailability caused by circumstances beyond SCTV’s reasonable control.
  32. Complaints or concerns can arise through simple misunderstanding or genuine dissatisfaction, most of which are usually resolved through discussion. A phone call will usually suffice, but failing that, please contact us by email at info@socialcare.tv and write in the email subject “Complaint”. Please provide your name, contact telephone number, postal address and email address with details of your complaint. Receipt of your email will be acknowledged within 1 working day (Monday – Friday) and resolved within 21 working days.
  33. If you are not satisfied with the resolution, please write to Mulberry House SCTV, Hingham Manor, Attleborough Road, Hingham, Norfolk, NR9 4HP addressing your letter to the Customer Services Director. The matter will then be handled at Director level within 21 days of receipt of your letter. It is our policy to keep such matters on file for a minimum of 24 months to inform development of our training provision.
  34. In accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree to be bound by them and any additional terms which are set out on the SCTV website including but not limited to the Privacy Policy and cookie policy as amended by us from time to time (Collectively Terms and Conditions).
  35. No alterations may be made to these Terms and Conditions without the written authority of a Director of Mulberry House Limited.
  36. The contracts shall be governed by the laws of England and subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.