More New Management Reporting Tools


Further to the manager platform updates announced last week, we are now delighted to bring you another phase of new developments! This suite of new features has been designed based on your valued feedback, providing a new and enhanced manager experience.

Designed specifically for the Health and Social Care sector, our platform will save you precious time daily, help you to remain compliant and efficiently manage your training requirements.

Please see below for information and instructions on each new feature.

Compliance Dashboard

Revised colour coding on your Compliance dashboard now shows the number of failed courses in red, number of enrolled and in progress courses in amber and number of completed courses in green. We have also added the average score to this screen.

New Group Column - Compliance Matrix

The new group filter on the compliance matrix now enables you to sort your data by specified trainee groups.

Completion Date – Compliance Matrix

You will now see the completion date for all courses, making it easier to assess when training needs to be reviewed.

New Rows – Compliance Matrix

You will now find 3 new rows at the bottom of the compliance matrix showing total enrolments, courses passed and the overall compliance percentage.

Enrolments is the number of trainees that have been enrolled on the course, either not started, in progress or completed.

Courses passed is the number of trainees that have passed, based on the pass mark selected at the top of the screen, defaulting to 80%.

Compliance percentage is the number of trainees that have passed out of the total number of trainees listed.

All figures will update when the group filter is on.

CSV Download – Compliance Matrix

With 1 click, you can now download the compliance matrix data in CSV format!

Simply select the required parameters within your account and click download. The report will download into an Excel worksheet on your device, where you can apply further filters or sort the data according to your specific requirements.

SCTV has included an 80% default pass mark on the training compliance report, but this can be amended according to your own individual organisational requirements.

Where a user has passed a course, the date they completed the course is shown.

All features can be accessed NOW via your online account.

We have received an overwhelming response to the recent platform updates, and we are delighted to continue helping you on your management journey with Social Care TV.

To speak to one of our dedicated customer care team regarding any of the above updates please call 01953 853070.