Social Care TV Yearly Round Up – 2022


As another year draws to a close, we thank all our customers and sincerely hope that we have continued to make a meaningful contribution to the wellbeing of those that you cared for.

In this article, we look back at 2022 and reflect on some of the steps we have taken as a business in order to grow and to continue to deliver you the highest quality service you expect and deserve.

Throughout the year, we have put into place several new initiatives and measures – one of these being our ‘Care Worker of the Month’ award.

Despite another challenging start to the year for the sector, we continued to witness numerous examples of individual selflessness and kindness from carers across the UK in order to provide the best possible care during these times.

After many discussions about how inspirational we found these stories, ‘Care Worker of the Month’ was born and launched in March. We were astounded at the number of entries we received and are delighted to have awarded a certificate, voucher and training credits to a thoroughly deserving winner every month since. Our 2022 winners can be viewed at: News and views - Care Worker of the Month - Social Care TV

In April we launched our own ‘News and Views’ monthly article via our website and social media channels. We hope you have enjoyed reading some of our pieces and we will be continuing this throughout 2023. You can recap on our 2022 articles at: News and views - Social Care TV

During the summer, we put together a new ‘About Us’ section on our website – providing more information about our wonderful team, our accreditations, our testimonials and the business as a whole. This can be viewed at: About Social Care TV - Social Care TV

This was closely followed by the launch of a new ‘reminder bell’ system for managers – providing a useful reminder tool within your functionality to flag when training is one year old.

As always, we have been busy with production throughout the year – filming updated versions of our ‘Dementia Care’ and ‘Challenging Behaviour’ resources as well as a brand new ‘Learning Disabilities and Autism’ resource – all of which will be available in Jan 2023. The highlight of the production process is working with our brilliant team of actors and being able to deliver the quality you have come to expect from Social Care TV.

As an online business, at Social Care TV we take Cyber Security very seriously and spent some of the year working on our Cyber Essentials accreditation. We are now fully Cyber Essentials accredited and will continue to uphold this government-backed standard going forward.

We were delighted to work with the Tribe Project during the course of the year. The Tribe project aim to improve the quality of life for millions of people in need of care and support. Social Care TV are proud to support their mission and to provide training for their support providers.

As we look ahead to 2023, we are excited to bring you several new products and features including high quality workbooks to accompany our courses – to be released throughout the year, a new trainee management system, the launch of new courses, new website features and so much more. We also look forward to a focus on customer reviews and championing and supporting care workers throughout the year.

We would like to finish the year by reiterating that our customers really are at the heart of all we do and by bringing you a few words from our Managing Director – Patricia Von Sachsenburg:

“2022 has been another difficult year for our sector; however, it has been encouraging to see that social care and all its related issues have at last been brought into the public eye and we sincerely hope that 2023 will bring solutions and actions for the many problems faced by all those involved in social care. We thank you all so much for your dedication to the service you provide in looking after others and we thank you for the continued support towards Social Care TV. We will continue to support you by providing the highest quality training and, as always, we welcome your comments, your requests and encourage you to share with us your training needs. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and successful New Year.”