Train the Trainer

Standing in front of a group and giving information is so easy that notice boards do it all the time!

However, providing that information in a way that motivates someone to put it into practice is totally different.  

That's where this course matters; our extensive, successful training expertise being woven into this online training gives you the benefit of our knowledge.

It is ideal for trainers, managers, supervisors and anyone else who needs to inform, instruct, supervise or train others.

Everyone who undertakes the course receives a FREE training certificate on completion.


SCTV is the only online care training provider to be accredited by the BAC as well as CPD, assuring you of best quality training and service.


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As a guide, this course should take between 60 to 75 minutes. Remember, of course, different people learn at different rates for various reasons.

Printable PDF Syllabus

The syllabus includes, for example:

  • Training to learn
  • Motivating candidates into action
  • Knowing your audience
  • Planning properly
  • Learning outcomes
  • Lesson plans
  • Right environment
  • Right atmosphere
  • Facilities
  • Aids
  • Equipment
  • Handouts
  • Notes
  • Flipcharts
  • Overhead and laptop projectors

  • DVD training
  • Training delivery
  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Learning barriers
  • Personal training style
  • Types of candidate
  • Time keeping
  • Worksheets
  • Roleplay
  • Simulation
  • Workshops
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Reflection